Organic Cultivation

We cultivate premium, organic derived cannabis the way nature intended it, minimizing environmental impact and aiming to constantly regenerate and improve our land.

Organic Methods

Our agricultural preserve cultivates premium sungrown and greenhouse cannabis, using only clean green organic methods for the ultimate smooth experience.
Purity genetics, and superior effect.

Dragonfly Products

Regenerative Agriculture

Organic, no-till living supersoil developed in-house within our compost pile. We farm with the intention to improve the land, and to minimize environmental impact.

Dragonfly Products

Previous Strains

(may not be representative of current offerings)

707 HeadbandIndica
From Humboldt, California's 707 area code, Headband is especially good for creativity, tension headaches, and anxiety.
Amherst Sour DieselSativa
Gassy aroma with wonderful hints of tropical fruit and wood. True to its diesel roots, the powerful high is euphoric and long lasting.
Amnesia produces increased energy and happy times, followed by some body tingling. Good for mood lifting and stress relief.
Black D.O.GIndica
An exotic black leaf strain blending grape, blackberry, and diesel gasoline - relaxing, with a touch of cerebral stimulation.
Black DominaIndica
Unique genetic featuring elite black-leafed Indica: it's earth-pine hash flavor will pacify even fire-breathing connoisseurs.
Black SugarIndica
With its intense fruity aroma, Black Sugar ought not to be missed and produces incomparable therapeutic relaxation.
Blue DreamSativa
Legendary full body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Blueberry flavored symptom relief without heavy sedative effects.
Blue Gelato 41Hybrid
A superb hybrid of Blueberry, Mint Girl Scout Cookies, and Sunset Sherbert. Potent and psychadelic, with mouthwatering fruit flavor.
Blue OGIndica
Blueberry, Blue Moonshine, and OG cross leaves you feeling cerebral and relaxed - good for pain, muscle relaxation, and to relieve nausea.
Blueberry CookiesHybrid
Unique flavor mix of roasted nuts, fresh mint, and blueberries. Recommended as a distraction from stress, pain, and inflammation.
Blueberry WidowHybrid
Both uplifting and calm, a sweet aromatic blend of sour citrus and pine. After dinner dank for blissful relaxation.
Bruce BangerHybrid
The perfect strain for treating stress, pain, fatigue, and headaches. Bruce Banger leaves users feeling happy, relaxed, and creative.
Winner of two Cannabis Cups, this multi-generational Bubble Gum has its characteristic sweet smell and euphoric high.
Cali Hash PlantIndica
Sweet, sour, and lemon spice: moderate THC and CBD content, for when you want to remain functional and avoid overdoing things.
Cherry WineHybrid
The crème de la crème of CBD strains, with sub 0.3% THC content to cross state lines. Sweet cherry notes with hints of cheese and black pepper.
Chocolate Mint OGIndica
A cross between Emerald OG and the famous Grandaddy Purple - a potent high with notes of chocolate, mint, pine, and spice.
Chocolate and cantalope: a match made in heaven. Sweet coffee flavors, made for coping with depression or stress.
Cinderella 99Sativa
A Blueberry hybrid sativa for a dreamy body high accompanied by increased levels of energy and creativity. Great for daytime use.
Critical HogIndica
An ultra approachable medical strain that plays to one's sedative friendly ailments, perfect for a dinner and movie.
Durben JulepSativa
South African sativa. Energetic and uplifting, -perfect for productivity, creativity, and exploring the outdoors.
Frisian DewIndica
Powerful euphoria with an exotic aroma of spicy pine, mango, and citrus. Starts in the head, then moves to the body for deep relaxation.
Famous for its delicious dessert like aroma - sweet sherbert with blueberry orange flavor. Strong euphoria and cerebral head rush.
Gelato OGIndica
A rare top shelf strain - delicious Gelato crossed with Presidential OG. Heavy handed euphoria for sleep, pain, and sadness.
GG4 X Cookies WreckHybrid
Award winning, full body melt - high THC levels that glue you to the couch.
Girl Scout CookiesHybrid
Winner of multiple Cannabis Cup awards, full body euphoria meets time bending cerebral space. Great for pain, nausea, and appetite.
Girl Scout CrackHybrid
Bred from two superstars, Girl Scout Crack combines the invigorating energy and focus of Green Crack with the euphoric relaxation of Cookies.
Golden LemonsHybrid
Bright, sizzling euphoria that melts over the body and emits a pungent, citrus herbal lemon pie aroma for full body warmth.
Gorilla GlueSativa
Maximum THC beast, winner of the Jamaican World Cup. Deep, medical knockout high. Rich and earthy, like a field straight after a rainstorm.
Gorilla ZkittlezIndica
Maximum THC Gorilla Glue mixed with the award winning fruity flavor of Zkittlez - intense and great for relaxation.
Green CrackSativa
Sharp energy and an invigorating mental buzz. Made popular by Snoop Dogg, a great daytime strain with a tangy mango flavor.
Jack HererSativa
A unique sativa known for complex layers of refreshing pine scent. Blissful, clear headed, and creative.
Kosher Tangiehybrid
Combines two award winning strains, crossing the musky pine of Kosher Kush with the sweet tangerine notes from Tangie for a calm uplift.
A sativa dominant hybrid combining upbeat energy with the blissful qualities of Holy Grail Kush. Complex pine inhale with a sour lime exhale.
Lemon Candyhybrid
Epic aromas of lemon drop candy, a citrus delicacy for the everyday consumer. Euphoria rush evolving into a more relaxed and chilled high.
Lemon HazeHybrid
Fresh peeled lemon flavor - a refreshing, ingestible smoke combined with sensory distortion and an improvement in mood.
Lemon SkunkHybrid
The citrus flavor draws you in immediately, while the happy energetic buzz will shake you out of any funk. Thought provoking and energetic.
Lost Coast Hash PlantIndica
Musky pine and ripe fruit for a deliciously intoxicating smoke. The soothing high transports you to California's redwoods on a foggy morning.
Miss USAHybrid
This beauty queen with dainty minty green nugs brings you an anti-anxiety high. Light and airy, fruity florals, and fresh earth upon exhale.
Ocean Grown CookiesIndica
A potent indica that induces hard hitting cerebral and physical effects, this is only recommended for experienced cannabis users.
Original AmnesiaSativa
Renowned as "The Queen" in Amsterdam coffee shops, this is the perfect "wake and bake" strain for motivation, focus, and productivity.
Peyote CookiesIndica
Beautiful purple flowers ripened off Lake Michigan for a long lasting relaxation like no other. Perfect for insomnia and sleep issues.
Purple Orange CBDHybrid
With a highly desirable 2:1 CBD to THC ratio, Purple Orange CBD maximizes the CBD-THC entourage effect for medical ailments.
Sage CBDSativa
A rare sativa and CBD dominant strain offering a smooth and functional daytime high. High CBD content for multi-symptom medicinal relief.
Sapphire ScoutHybrid
A perfect 50-50 sativa-indica hybrid crossing Girl Scout Cookies with True OG, beloved for its delicious blueberry and fresh baked cookie flavor.
An incredible roller coaster high - starts social, focused, and incredibly happy... then lulls you into a relaxed, dream state.
Sour KosherHybrid
The pride and joy of New York City. Sativa dominant hybrid - strong and uplifting, followed by a sedative and relaxing stone.
Sour SorbetHybrid
Dense and sticky! Earthy and sweet flavors from Sour Diesel mixed to perfection with creamy Sorbet.
Strawberry GlueHybrid
Sweet strawberry cream - this gooey ganja will ease you into a long lasting, relaxing high for both mind and body.
Sugar BreathIndica
An exotic hybrid with a sweet gassy blend of grape and petrol, with hints of pine, incense, vanilla, and cinnamon. Powerful couch lock effect.
Super Hash PlantIndica
Large crystalline buds straight from Amsterdam. Especially good for gastrointestinal disorder, Crohn's Disease, and ADD.
Super Sweet ToothIndica
Mixing genetics from Hawaii and Nepal, this award winning Indica is great for headaches and stress. Popular for insomnia and sleep issues.
The White OGIndica
Another rare find combining pine-lemon flavors with heavy euphoric relaxation. Potent - best for deep, medicated sleep.
Three Blue KingsIndica
A cross of Blue Dream and 3 Kings, its famous parents offer a heavy high complemented by fruity aromas, with notes of pine, fuel, and lemon.
White Widow MaxHybrid
An improved version of the Amsterdam famous White Widow. Powerful bursts of euphoria, stimulating both conversation and creativity.
A fruity assault on the senses that keeps you "purposefully mellow". Great all day long, keeps you calming and relaxing yet alert and motivated.